Colours of Japan – The blue of Hiroyuki Shindo

Work in blue: Detail of the work 翳・Ⅰ by Hiroyuki Shindo, reproduced from the catalogue of the Musée de Somé Seiryu in Kyoto. Straw roof: Detail of the photo by Gil Gosch in Miyama, Kyoto, Japan.

It was very difficult to define what would be the first experience that should open this series "Colors of Japan". There are so many images, feelings, learning, and inspirations brought by my memories of the trip to Japan! This trip was the result of the prize that I received by the textile work "Each Step" in 2016. The whole story you can find in this another post blog in Portuguese. I hope to translate it into English soon.

In Japan, in the fall of 2017, I discovered a world that preserves and gives great value to master craftsmen, who keep the techniques and secrets of natural dyeing and weaving. At the same time that they preserve the Japanese traditions, they develop in their work very contemporary aesthetic and ethical questions. I could see with my own eyes the ceaseless dialogue, on every corner, between the new and the tradition.

Perhaps my visit to the artist Hiroyuki Shindo was the pinnacle of that perception. Contemporary textile artist Hiroyuki Shindo was born in 1941 in Tokyo. He lives in the Miyama region, in a village in the mountains, 60 kilometres north of