Introduction to

Natural Dyeing

The new dates will be released as soon as we resume our normal activities after the quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

9 am to 1 pm (4 hour workload)

Since time immemorial, the colors to dye all fabrics were extracted from plants. In this workshop we will return to this ancient wisdom to learn how to color textile fibers naturally with leaves, bark, flowers and roots. Each participant will have the opportunity to assemble a color chart and learn about the use of cheeks, or color fixers, ideal fabrics and dye plants. We will use common raw materials in our daily lives, allowing the participant to perform dyeing in their own home.



  • Discovery of natural dyeing and its basic principles

  • The different fibers and fabrics (wool, silk, linen and cotton) and their preparation for dyeing

  • Dye plants and the extraction of natural dyes

  • The types of jaws and their function

  • Creation of a color chart with 4 different plants and 12 colors in total


  • Price: R $ 390.00 or 2 x R $ 195.00 without interest

  • 5% discount on bank deposit: R $ 370.50

  • Includes all necessary material

  • Includes Natural Dyeing booklet with step by step and recipes taught in the workshop

  • Come with clothes that can stain or apron

  • Only 6 places