Botanical Print

The new dates will be released as soon as we resume our normal activities after the quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

from 2 pm to 6 pm (4-hour workload)

In this workshop we will learn about a very special technique of natural dyeing: Botanical Printing. Also known as Ecoprint , this technique uses leaves, flowers, seeds, peels and fruits to print colors and shapes directly on the fabric, creating unique designs. Each participant will have the opportunity to make a silk scarf and learn about the use of cheeks, or the fixatives of color, ideal fabrics and plants. In addition to the traditional dyeing plants, we will use plants collected around the studio. Thus, we awaken our gaze to the nature that surrounds us with all its generosity.



  • Botanical printing as a natural dyeing technique

  • Types of fabrics (silk, linen, cotton and wool) and their preparation for natural dyeing

  • Dye plants and their properties

  • Cheeks and their functions

  • Creation of drawings, prints and patterns through Botanical Printing


  • Price: R $ 390.00 or 2 x R $ 195.00 without interest

  • 5% discount on bank deposit: R $ 370.50

  • Includes a 45 x 45 cm silk scarf and all the necessary material

  • Includes the Botanical Print booklet with step by step and recipes taught in the workshop

  • It is interesting that each participant brings the plants he likes to try

  • Bring gloves for hand protection and come with clothes that can stain or apron

  • Only 5 places